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Rental Testaments:

"I also had a handful of comments on the Nanaimo Museum and what a stunning venue it was for this conference.  Apparently, the conference had an icebreaker a few years ago at an aquarium, which was widely viewed as the best experience ever… until ours.  We are now at the top of the list!” 
Pamela Shaw, Ph.D MCIP, UC Professor - Geography Department, Vancouver Island University

"We got a great response from our guests about the venue. You all were very helpful and accommodating, so thanks very much."

Shelby J. O'Brien, Barrister & Solicitor, Ramsay Lampman Rhodes

"The Program Room was the perfect space and it contributed to the success of our meeting."
Tim Welsh, Program Director, Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC

Need a room, large or small, for a reception, meeting, or workshop? Consider the Nanaimo Museum for a unique experience.The museum is the perfect venue for many different types of events, is centrally located with plenty of parking, and is wheelchair accessible. Proceeds from venue rentals go towards our exhibit and educational programming.

See some of the different room layouts in our Venue Rentals Gallery.

Rental Layout Diagram (PDF, 356 KB) 

Venue Rental Overview (PDF, 134 KB)

Venue Rental Brochure (PDF, 368 KB)

Program Room

Ideal for meetings, workshops, slide shows, lectures, and luncheons. Holds 50-60 people theatre layout, 14-20 classroom layout, 16-20 board room layout. Bar fridge and microwave included. Nearly 600 sq. ft. Wheelchair accessible. 


The gallery provides space for 25-300 people. We have held video presentations, birthday celebrations, receptions, wedding ceremonies, Christmas dinners, book readings, and lectures amongst the museum's permanent and feature exhibits. 


The Museum has a selection of audio/visual equipment available for pre-arranged use such as a laptop, LCD projector, and even a slide projector. The gallery also features surround sound speakers with wireless microphone, and a large built-in flat screen TV for presentations & slideshows.

We also have a limited selection of catering supplies such as glasses and cocktail plates. Please phone (250-753-1821) or e-mail Becka for more information.


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