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The Nanaimo Museum Gift Shop full of unique items for that special person

Unique polished silber beads for bracelets, necklaces, earings for that special person at the Nanaimo Museum

Gift Shop Merchandise


Nanaimo Museum Gift Shop 

The gift shop is located in the lobby of the Nanaimo Museum and is easily accessible from Commercial Street (in the Vancouver Island Conference Centre next to Serious Coffee).

The museum's gift shop is a great place to shop for terrific keepsakes and unique gift items such as books, clothing, jewellry, videos, crafts, decorative arts, toys and more. Proceeds from sales support educational programming.

See some of our unique and beautiful products in the Gift Shop Photo Gallery

Featured Products

Cedar Chests

These one of a kind chests are produced as part of a program between First Nation traditional carvers, and woodworkers using the facilities at William Head Prison in Victoria. Crafted from beautiful yellow cedar with lids featuring woven red cedar in sets, these chests provide not only a safe environment to store precious textiles, but also a lovely aroma when opened. These chests are also multi purpose as one customer told us about adding a glass top to her loon design trunk to create a functional coffee table. Be sure to stop by the museum gift shop for a closer look at these lovely chests. 

Gift Shop Merchandise

Fred Peters

A local artist, Fred Peters depicts colorful, fun portrayals of west coast life with his vivid acrylics pieces. His city scenes of Nanaimo have been transferred to adorn playing cards, tote bags, wine stoppers, and note books. Creating a unique and fun gift or memento for visitors to Nanaimo, be sure to stop by the Nanaimo Museum to take a closer look at Peters work. 


For more information on the Nanaimo Museum click HERE. To view hours and admission rates for the museum click HERE.

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