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Hilda John left the single largest personal donation to the museum as a bequest in the fall of 2007.


Thanks to the
generosity of a special Nanaimo woman, the Nanaimo Museum established an Endowment Fund in 2008.

Museum general manager Debbie Trueman says it came as a complete surprise in the fall of 2007 when Hilda John, long-time member, left a bequest of approximately $85,000 for the museum in her will. “It’s the single largest personal donation the museum has ever received,” Trueman says.

In mid-2008, the Nanaimo Museum secured a matching funds grant from the Vancouver Foundation’s Renaissance Fund that doubled the fund to $200,000.  The museum uses the interest off this fund towards the yearly development costs.

To celebrate the museum's new home in the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Jan Peterson decided to donate the proceeds from her book, A Place in Time: Nanaimo Chronicles.  This money along with other donations tagged for the Endowment fund will allow the museum to reapply for matching funds from the Vancouver Foundation.

Endowment Fund Contributors:

Estate of Hilda John
  ~ Her bequest established the Endowment Fund

Vancouver Foundation Renaissance Fund
  ~ Matching funds grant

Jan Peterson
  ~ Proceeds from A Place In Time - Nanaimo Chronicles

Art Leynard
Leonard Krog

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