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View of the Vancouver Island Conference Centre the home of the new Nanaimo Museum from the Corner of Commercial Street and Museum Way

View of In the News, The Snuneymuxw and the Feature Gallery in the distance

Bastion Era

Nanaimo Museum Gallery

Visitor Comments

Since moving the museum to its new location the exhibits are wonderfully laid out and the local artistic prowess is shown off with a great flair. It was a treat to see also having the "Miners Cave exhibit" was a good touch and a great insight to their struggles.    ~From Trip Advisor

A grade five teacher from Parksville booked a First Nations on Vancouver Island school program in October 2012.   When asked how she heard about the Nanaimo Museum’s school programs, she explained that one of her students recently moved from Nanaimo and had participated in the program last year.  He gave such a rave review of the program to her class that she felt compelled to book her students in the program.   Her colleague who teaches grade four at the same school heard about the program and wanted her students to participate so they booked two programs at once!  The teachers ended up designing a day trip to Nanaimo around a visit to the museum.

"November 25, 2010
Dear Debbie,
Thank you for hosting the Broadcast Divisional Meeting last week.   It was wonderful to be back in Nanaimo and see firsthand the development that continues to take place throughout the city.  Thank you again for the personal tour of your new Nanaimo Museum.  You and your team have done a great job at preserving the past and identifying the role Nanaimo has played in the growth of our province.
The award winning "Coal Mine" display was a highlight of the visit and left a lasting impression on our group.  As we made our way through the reproduction of the mine shaft, it was certainly clear how difficult and dangerous the mining industry was in the early years. 
Once again, congratulations to you and your Team and my best wishes on your future projects.
Jimmy Pattison"

"You know what man, I don't like museum, but (underlined) since I saw your museum I LOVE IT! [sic]" 
                                                                 ~ Sarah L. from Quebec

"I am very impressed with the sense of pride and the interest the Nanaimo Museum has in community history.  I am confident that the quality and flexibility of the museum's new public and gallery spaces will enable it to offer great exhibitions and programs to the comunity for many years to come."  
                                 ~ Michel Cheff, Canadian Museum of Civilization

                                    Director, Special Initiatives

"Totally impressed! Will spread the word!"
                                                     ~ Ted and Pat Grounds, Nanaimo

"A wonderful collection that tells the story of Nanaimo with simple elegance. Thank you."
                                                                          ~ Mary Mahorury

"What a wonderful museum. You could teach us all how to put together quality exhibits. Thanks! We really learned the story of the area."
                                                                ~ Elizabeth, Portland OR

"I was in the museum on Saturday with my wife.  She wanted to see the First Nations exhibit, which she enjoyed very much.  This was our second visit in recent months and we both think the museum gets better each time.  Light and spacious, well laid out, and a gift shop selling quality merchandise.  Congrats to all for all the hard work that has been, and continues to be, done." 
                                               ~ Bill Gard, Nanaimo Museum member

"After visiting the Nanaimo Museum at its new location, I was impressed with its fresh take on local history.  The Nanaimo Bar display really caught my eye and I was fortunate enough to buy my own Nanaimo Bar tea towel at the rather impressive gift shop.  I also enjoyed the Painted Photograph exhibit and hope to see more travelling art shows at the museum in the future."
                           ~ DubaiKeeper through TripAdvisor - Travel Reviews


"One of the best “town” museums we’ve ever visited. Great breadth & depth – better than Vancouver’s City Museum! – We’ve visited literally hundreds of museums from France to Shanghai to London to Sacramento California. Your small museum, for the size of Nanaimo, was one of the pleasant surprises.  It leaves us feeling a great knowledge of your past. Super job! One of the Best!"

                                  ~ Anonymous, Folsom, California - June 3, 2012


"One of the best museums for a town of this size I have ever seen. (I’m an international tour guide & have seen A LOT!)"

                                                            ~ Don Adams, Florida USA


"Fascinating Look at the development of a community!!! Brought the past into the present."

                                                   ~ Rob Hamilton, Kilmarnock Scotland

"Thanks for being so wonderful"

                                                                  ~ Anonymous, Nanaimo

"It was so awesome that I felt like I was at the real coal mine. Just terrific and pleasure to visit Nanaimo Museum"

                                                        ~ Republic of Korea – Choi Gyu Hwa





To view more amamzing visitor comments be sure to visit the Nanaimo Museum Facebook Page or  Trip Advisor.




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