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Canada Day 1


In addition to the Museum’s Permanent Exhibits, we host three to four special exhibitions the year in our Feature Exhibit Gallery. Highlighting an array of travelling exhibits and local displays, the Feature Exhibit Gallery has showcased everything from fashion to sports. Local & Canadian history, numerous private collections and unique artistic collaborations have all been part of what we strive to bring to our community. Designed to inspire and invoke wonder, these dynamic exhibits are visual (and often interactive) delights for visitors.

To view past Feature Exhibits presented by the Nanaimo Museum Click HERE. Also be sure not to miss the Sports Hall of Fame or Community Hallway Display on your next Museum visit.

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Current Exhibit:

Canada Day 1
June 2nd - September 1st 2014                                                                    

Visit the bilingual exhibition Canada: Day 1 and explore first steps, first impressions and first experiences as a newcomer to Canada, from Confederation to present day. Canada: Day 1 will be presented from June 2 to September 1 at the Nanaimo Museum in partnership with the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society. The exhibition explores diverse personal immigration experiences in a thoughtful way through oral histories, archival images, original artworks, objects and your participation. You will be transported back to your first day in Canada, or inspired to imagine yourself in a newcomer’s shoes. Canada: Day 1 is a travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 as a legacy project of our nation’s 150th anniversary in 2017 and supported by RBC Foundation. For more information please call 250-753-1821


Upcoming Exhibits 2014: 


Ring of Fire: Canadians in the Pacific in WW2 - a travelling exhibit from The Military Museums in Calgary
September 12th - November 15th 2014                                                       

Ring of Fire tells the stories of Canada’s troops in the Pacific during WWII. The exhibit is on loan from the Military Museums in Calgary and runs from September 12 - November 15.

Created to raise awareness of Canada’s participation in the Pacific theatre and the casualties suffered in Hong Kong, Ring of Fire highlights the contributions of local people and stories from across the country.

This exhibit includes rare photographs, medal groups, personal artifacts and art by prisoners of war. Paintings and drawings by Norman Takeuchi are also featured to share a personal perspective on the internment of Japanese Canadians.

For more information please contact the museum at (250) 753-1821.

Toys! - December 2014


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