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Guided School Programs:
These exciting and interactive programs involve a guided tour of one of the museum's exhibits, often including a hands-on activity. Most programs are offered between September and June, are 90 minutes in length, and may take place in either the Nanaimo Museum or your classroom.

For more information, or to sign up for a program, please contact Jamie Franzmann at 250.753.1821 or program@nanaimomuseum.ca

First Nations for Primary (Gr. K to 3)  First Nations on Vancouver Island (Gr 4) 
Yesteryear Christmas (Gr. K to 3 )     Navigating Our Heritage ( Gr. 4 to 7)
A Child's Life in Nanaimo (Gr. 2/3)     A Coal Miner's Family (Gr. 5) 
Bastion Bonus(Gr. 2/3/5)                   Archaeology (Gr. 6/7)                               The Bastion (Gr. 3/5)                            

History Dilemmas (Gr. 10)

Or download the...
                   -Complete Guide for Elementary School Programs (PDF, 715 KB)

                   -Program Evaluation Form (PDF, 34 KB)


Self-Guided Discovery Programs:

Explore the museum with your students during this program, which includes discovery sheets that allow students to match pictures with gallery items to find answers to the questions. Each exhibit area has its own unique discovery sheet.

        Self Guided Tour:  
Discovery Sheets $10/class plus  Regular Admission/person

        Programs are available year round Monday to Friday

        Pre-registration is REQUIRED. Contact Jamie Franzmann at
        250.753.1821 or program@nanaimomuseum.ca

Classroom Program Kits:

These kits, for use in the classroom, are available when a school program is booked either at the museum or in the classroom. The kit is available for one week on a first come, first serve basis either before or after your booked program. There is a $20 fee for the classroom program kits.

A Child's Life Kit
The kit contains a board game designed to teach the students about what it waslike to live in early 1900's Nanaimo, both at school and in the home. There are jigsaw puzzles of early Nanaimo photographs, as well as school work sheets taken from 1930's reading and arithmetic text books. There is background information on early Nanaimo education.


Coal Mining Kit

The kit contains information about the major mine disasters, strikes, mining terminology, history of coal mining lamps, and general Nanaimo coal history.There is a board game where students earn wages, pay rent and buy groceries,encounter mine disasters, and acquire children. There are word puzzles and worksheets with accompanying flash cards on mining terminology.

Home School Programs Fall 2014:

Register your family in the Nanaimo Museumís home school programs.  Designed to accommodate K-7, all of your children can participate at the same time.  Each program is $5 per child and takes 60 minutes.  Payment is required prior to registration.  Caregivers must be present for the duration of the program.  Younger siblings of registered participants are welcome to tag along with mom or dad.  Admission to the museum is included in your registration fee. Read More.

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